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Bed Bug Prevention

Preventative services and early detection are the tools to keep you bed bug free! Bed bug control is a challenging task requiring professional exterminators. We can professionally check for bed bugs and give you a free estimate to get rid of these pests as soon as... more
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Don’t Room With Bed Bugs This Fall

As college students return to campuses nationwide, many bring secondhand furniture including mattresses, futons, dressers, couches and more. As bags are being packed, and students move in, A1 Exterminators is urging students to inspect new lodgings, personal belongings, and secondhand items, for... more
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Life Cycle of a Bed Bug

Female bedbugs can lay 200 to 250 eggs, which mature to adult stage within four to six weeks, meaning one or two bed bugs can turn into a massive infestation within a couple of months, if not caught and treated early. Bed bugs are resilient. Nymphs can survive months without feeding and the adults... more
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Don't Let Bedbugs Move In

Bedbugs like to feed on humans while they are sleeping.  Once you have bedbugs in your home, it is impossible to remove the colony on your own.  Contact A1 Exterminators for help in getting your home back to normal and bedbug... more
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Bed Bugs Found in Schools

Bed bugs can be found almost any building. In Lakewood, Ohio, bedbugs have been found on students and in classrooms in 3 different public schools, including the high school and two middle schools. The superintendent of the school system sent a message out to all parents suggesting they check... more
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Spring in February

A1 Exterminators Carpenter Ants Control
So the weather was beautiful yesterday and looks to be about the same today so don’t be surprised if you happen to see signs of spring insects soon. No, it’s not spring yet, and yes we still have about 6 more weeks or so of winter according to Punxsutawney Phil, but 6 weeks can fly by. So start... more
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Bedbugs Have Been Around For Thousands Of Years And Aren’t Going Anywhere!

Haven’t heard too much on the bedbug front lately have we… but let’s not forget, those disgusting little bugs chomping away are still out there. They have been around for thousands of years and I imagine they will be for thousands more. Bedbugs are a parasitic insect that prefer to feed on... more
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Boston struggles with growing bed bug infestations

Boston struggles with growing bed bug infestations: Updated: Thursday, 17 Nov 2011, 6:18 AM EST Published : Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011, 6:57 PM EST Mike Beaudet www.twitter.com/channel_mike BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - A growing epidemic of bed bug infestations has left the city of Boston... more
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Don't Let Bedbugs Keep You From Traveling This Summer

Does all this talk about bedbugs make you hesitant to travel? The constant news coverage of the spreading infestations of bedbugs in major cities could keep you at home this summer. But you could plan your vacation wisely and steer clear of the bugs! First, decide where you would like to take a... more
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Summer Bed Bug Alert: How to Protect Yourself

By MELANIE HAIKEN If you’re worried about encountering bed bugs this summer, or — poor you — you’re already coping with them, you’re in good company. One in five Americans has had bed bugs or knows someone who has, and 80 percent are afraid of encountering them in hotels, according to a... more
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