Ladybug: Information on the Ladybug

Ladybugs are very cute insects. Unlike many other insects in the world, they do not make people cringe at the sight of them. Even though people like ladybugs more than other insects they can still cause problems for people and their homes. There are over 5,000 species of ladybugs and almost 400 species just in the U.S. Although the red with black spotted ladybugs are the most commonly recognized, there are many types. Ladybugs, which are beetles, have a few names, ladybirds and ladybird beetles.
Most often, people see these ladybugs in their yards or anywhere outside. The ladybug eats aphids which are bad pests for things like roses, they also eat mealybugs, and mites just to name a few. By having ladybugs around outside it helps keep aphids and other bad insects away, they are beneficial to the outside world.
The problem that ladybugs cause for homeowners is that once the temperature hits 55 degrees, ladybugs needs extra warmth, from a house, office building, restaurant, etc. Another thing, ladybugs hibernate in large groups, but will not reproduce or lay eggs. The ladybugs can last a long time cause they live off their own body fat during hibernation, so they won’t eat the house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Even though the ladybugs might not physically damage anything inside a home while hibernating they can cause other problems. For one, ladybugs release a pheromone. This pheromone is known as a yellow blood, or to bleed yellow when releasing it. Often it is released when ladybugs feel they are about to be attacked, it has a bad odor and will scare off anything trying to eat it. The bad part for homeowners is that if ladybugs bleed yellow at all in the house the scent of it can last for almost a year. Even though people might not smell it and it will keep away other insects it actually still attracts other ladybugs.  Although if the building the ladybugs happen to be hibernating in is a business or worse yet, a restaurant, having ladybugs flying around could be very bad for business. In either of these situations of ladybug infestation this would be the time to call a professional pest control company to come in and handle the situation,
Of course there are things that we can do to keep ladybugs outside where they should be. A few things homeowners can do to prevent ladybugs from getting in their house include: seal any cracks, crevices, gaps by windows, doors, pipes, etc. Also add screens to any vent openings. If you already have screens on things like windows make sure they are properly installed and are in good condition. As long as you can keep ladybugs from getting inside your home they should not be a pest to you. Just remember if there is a problem you want looked at contact A1 Exterminators.

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