How do I keep stink bugs away?

The nasty smell stink bugs give off when killed or handled is enough to give them a bad reputation. They can be nuisances, but luckily they don’t cause any damage to the structure of your home. And even better, they don’t reproduce indoors.

If there’s a stink bug infestation near your home, the bugs will soon come your way. If you know about stink bug problems in your area, bug-proof your home right away to prevent an invasion.

The best way to do this is to seal off all possible entries for the bugs. Here are some tips:

  • Caulk your windows.
  • Install weather strips at each entry door.
  • Remove any vegetation or debris near the foundation of your home.
  • Close off all entry points from the outside, including fireplaces and bathroom windows.
  • Make sure any crawl spaces are sealed with no contact to the outside (check for cracks in the walls).
  • Install screen windows and doors and regularly check for tears in the screens.

Have a plumbing inspection and seal any gaps using either caulking material or steel wool (this serves a double purpose, as it will also prevent mice from taking residence in your home).

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