Get Those Summer Clothes Out of Storage

Spring is coming.  So you go to the attic, basement or back of the closet to dig out that storage container of summer clothing.  When you find the box you’ve been looking for, what else could be inside?  Maybe a few things you didn’t put in the storage container to begin with.  Maybe you find a shirt with a hole in the sleeve andclothes-moth you swear that wasn’t there when you put it in the box.  That’s when you know, you have moths.
Clothes Moths can be found crawling and chewing on your clothing.  Once you locate the infestation, it’s time to get rid of those unwanted guests.

  1. Locate the source of the infestation.  Use a flashlight to inspect your clothing.  Look for signs of moths such as holes in woolen clothes or silk webs spun by the larvae.  Clothes moths like dark, secluded places.
  2. Clean the infested area with soapy water.
  3. Vacuum the area, and dispose of the vacuum bag once you have completed vacuuming the infested area.  The vacuum bag may contain moth eggs or larvae.
  4. Clean all clothing that may have come in contact with moths.  Dry-clean or wash everything in hot water.
  5. When you are storing your clothing, place the clothes in a sealed, airtight container with cedar chips or mothballs.  Mothballs should be wrapped in paper so not to come in contact with your clothing.  If you are using cedar chips, they should be sanded every year or have cedar oil put on them to give off the odor needed.
  6. Moth larvae usually feed on wool or other fibers that come from an animal.  However, they can also be attracted to sweat and hair oils.  Be sure to wash all items before storing.
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