Centipedes In Your Home

There is only one benefit of having centipedes around your house.  That is that they feed on other smaller insects such as ants, termites and bugs. Although, they can be so annoying seeing a lot of them running around your house. “Food” is the main reason of their presence.
Ants are one among the insects that house centipedes hunts for their food. Investigating why ants invaded houses in the first place, this is actually due to the reason that they are being attracted from unsealed sources of human foods. Aside from ants, another common type of insect that invade houses are the termites. Unlike ants, they are attracted inside houses that are made out of woods. Other insects are attracted through holes and cracks which is perfect for concealing themselves as their perfect habitat.
If you want to get rid of the centipedes then you have to clean your house to get rid of the other insects. Fix those holes and seal your food-source properly and it is for sure that they will leave your house on their own. However, the centipedes will not harm you and can help get rid of any other pests you have.  That is, if you don’t mind living with the centipedes. If you want all the pests in your home gone, contact us at 800-525-4825 and we can help.

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