Stink Bugs Come Looking for a Nice Warm Home

Now that the weather is cooling down, stink bugs are looking for warm places to hibernate — and they just might move in with you. While they haven’t invoked fear they way bedbugs have, they do live up to their name.
To those who aren’t farmers, stink bugs pose no threat. Stink bugs do not feed on humans. They don’t damage houses and are not known to transmit diseases to people or pets. But stink bugs feed on — and damage — a wide variety of crops. They get their name from the foul-smelling fluids released from pores on the sides of them.  While there are thousands of stink bug species worldwide, the most common types in the United States are the green stink bug and the brown stink bug.
Stink bugs hibernate in your homes in the fall, in large masses. They sneak in through small cracks and openings in chimneys, door and window frames, air conditioning units, attic vents and holes in a home’s foundation. They hide out in toasty, dark spots during the winter, and emerge from hibernation in May or June. However, the arrival of warm, springtime weather is not a guarantee that stink bugs will move back out.

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