BedBug Warnings On Free Furniture

Allston Brighton group will tag bed bug warnings to furniture discarded around move-in week

By Matt Rocheleau, Town Correspondent

As part of an annual effort to welcome residents moving into the neighborhood this week, members of the nonprofit Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation plan to tag furniture discarded outdoors with warnings about bed bugs.
Staff and volunteers for the organization also plan to register new residents to vote and will encourage them to engage in neighborhood civic life, according to a press release from the nonprofit.
The Allston Brighton CDC has done similar move-in day awareness campaigns in past years.
Big, bright orange stickers warning of potential beg bug risks will be posted to furniture left outside. Members of the community group Latinos en Accion will lead volunteers to canvass the neighborhood and tag any furniture spotted on the street.
“The unofficial tradition of picking up free furnishings all over Allston has led to the annual move-in date’s nickname, ‘Allston Christmas,’ ” the organization said in the statement. “While everyone loves free stuff, discarded furniture of unknown origin carries a very strong risk of bringing bed bugs into your home. Bed bugs present both a public health concern as well as a tremendous burden to eradicate- both in time and cost.”
Staff and volunteers will also tour the area to register new residents to vote and to pass out information about important community resources and civic engagement opportunities, the organization said.

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