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Pests in the Pantry

Pantry pests, or stored product pests that tend to gather around food stowed in pantries and cabinets, can quickly become a hassle for homeowners during the fall months. A variety of critters fit into the category of pantry pests including beetles, ants, earwigs, but the most common species are the... more
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Bug Fact

A fact about bees:  The buzz that you hear when a bee approaches is the sound of its four wings moving at 11,400 strokes per minute. Bees fly an average of 15 miles per hour, that's pretty fast for something so... more
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Bees Buzzing in Late Summer

Bees are still popping up everywhere you go these days. Most people think that bees will be disappearing in the late summer and early fall.  However, whenever you head out, they quickly find you.  At the soccer field, apple orchard and even still in your backyard. This time of year, the bees are... more
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BedBug Warnings On Free Furniture

Allston Brighton group will tag bed bug warnings to furniture discarded around move-in week By Matt Rocheleau, Town Correspondent As part of an annual effort to welcome residents moving into the neighborhood this week, members of the nonprofit Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation plan... more
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Is Your Home Infested With Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter Ants are large, they are between .25 to 1 inch in length, They live throughout the United States but prefer dead, damp wood to build their nests. Carpenter ants are a common pest that may be infesting your home, especially the black carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are not termites, they do... more
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