Bedbug Tips for Assisted Living Homes

If you decide to spend your golden years in an independent living, assisted living or nursing home facility, bed bugs are a reality you need to prepare for.

  • The smaller and closer the living quarters, the more likely you’ll face bed bugs. If you do get bed bugs, it can be very costly both financially and emotionally.
  • Before moving in, have someone check your room – specifically problem areas like mattress and box spring seams for bed bugs, brownish red spotting, shed bed bug skins, eggs, etc.bedbug_button21-300x374
  • Check to ensure that the place is clean and uncluttered – more clutter means greater chance of bed bugs.
  • Ask the facility management if they encase their mattresses, box springs, and pillows and if not, encase your own.
  • An anti-bedbug laundry bag, especially if the laundry is done communally, can be very effective.
  • Use metal instead of wood bed boards to make it more difficult for bed bugs to climb up.
  • Ask to keep your own mattress, even if you move between different facilities to ensure no bed bugs. It may not be possible, but it’s certainly worth asking.
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