Bedbug invasion in Boston

They lay in wait for you as they crawl around inside your mattress and now apparently, no one is immune no matter how much you have in your bank account.
According to the Boston Herald, bedbugs are taking over throughout the city to the horror of many, especially in the Back Bay and South End where people are going out of their way to keep their critter crisis on the down low.
The Boston Herald reports that exterminators are told to show up in unmarked vehicles at times when neighbors won’t be able to catch on to what’s going on, as the clients pay huge sums of money to rid these creepy crawlies from their posh homes.
“There’s a real stigma to having them,” Todd McNamara of Green Planet Pest Control in Allston told the Herald.  “A lot of people think bedbugs only affect dirty people and poor people, but we’ve had clients who picked them up during a nice weekend in Chatham,” he said.
“In most cases, the husband travels for work, especially to places like New York and Chicago,” he went on to say. “He’ll pick them up in high-end hotels, and never know he’s brought them back home.”
By the time the rest of the family starts scratching, it’s too late.
Some believe the bedbug problem in the Hub has reached epidemic levels.
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Paul Mueller
Boston City Buzz Examiner
August 24th, 2010 8:33 am ET
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