Bed bugs discovered at Riley Hospital for Children

Bed bugs continue to be an issue nationwide. At Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, an incidence of bed bugs was recently discovered,” the statement said. “To ensure the safety of our patients and families, we work closely with our infection control and environmental services departments to ensure the incident is isolated and dealt with in a timely manner.”
A spokesperson for Riley Hospital confirmed they discovered bed bugs over the weekend in one room.
According to the hospital, the patient and patient’s family were moved to a different room, but not before the hospital took their clothes and washed and dried them at an extremely high heat. Hot enough, a spokesperson said, to kill any bed bugs that could have been on the clothes.
The hospital said the room was sealed for 48 hours while an outside contractor fumigated the room to kill the pests.
According to the spokesperson, the entire floor was inspected for more bed bugs and none were found. The hospital also said it inspected the two rooms, both above and below the room where they found the original case.
This isn’t the first time the hospital has dealt with bed bugs.
A spokesperson told Eyewitness News they also had a case last month in a room.
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