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Commercial Pest Control with A1 Exterminators

Commercial Pest Control in Massachusetts Property Management Pest Control A1 is a leader in delivering pest control services to the property management industry. Our team of highly trained licensed commercial technicians and exterminators has the knowledge, experience, skills and ability to... more
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Summer Mosquito Control: How To Protect Your Family From West Nile, EEE, Lyme Disease with A1 Exterminators

Mosquito biting human. Text: "Mosquitoes carry diseases. A1 Pest carries all the tool to get rid of 'em." A1 Logo.
Mosquitos are pests that are especially prevalent in the summer months. They can not only be annoying, but they can also carry diseases. There are a few things that you can do to help keep mosquitos away from your home and avoid being bitten. Most people don't think twice about swatting a fly or... more
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View Our Entire Service Area in New England

A1 Exterminators Service Area
If you’re looking for pest control in MA or surrounding New England, we offer extermination and pest control services to all of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Contact Us today to learn more about our pest control services. Family owned, quality pest control, sanitizing and... more
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Green Pest Control with A1 Exterminators

Photo of tubing entering second-story window supplied by A1 Green Pest Control machine. "Green Pest Control"
Whether your concern is the environment, public health issues, have family members or co-workers who are chemically sensitive , A1 is committed to providing the best Eco-friendly pest management methods. There are a lot of benefits to using green pest control methods, but one of the most... more
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Get Rid of Ticks Today With A1 Exterminators

Map showing Typical Treatment Zone for mosquitoes and ticks (residential). Includes frontyard gardens, sideyard gardens, vegetable garden, and backyard woodsy areas especially.
As fall approaches, ticks will be appearing in full force. Ticks look to host on small animals in spring moving to larger animals by summer/fall. Get rid of ticks for good: https://www.a1exterminators.com/mosquito-tick-treatment-program/ #TickSeason #TickTreatment... more
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How Do You Identify Pests If They All Look The Same?

Whether you're looking to learn about American Cockroaches or Honey Bees. Our Pest Identification portal has all the information you need to identify pests terrorizing your family and home. Pests are a pain to deal with, and identifying them can be even more of a pain. There are a few... more
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Which Season Do Pests Infest Homes & Offices?

Pests in the Massachusetts, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island area vary per season. Check out which pests are active throughout each season below. There are certain times of year when pests are more likely to infest homes. For example, ants are more likely to invade homes in... more
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5 Steps To Get Rid of Hornets – Fast

[Image of rendered yellow jacket.] "Not all buzzing insects make honey, most wasps don't. Call A1. Get Pest Free." [A1 Logo].
Hornets are a dangerous type of wasp that can cause serious harm to humans. They are known to attack in large numbers and can deliver a painful sting. Hornets can also cause allergic reactions in some people. It is important to protect your family from hornets by keeping them away from your home... more
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Are You Interested In A1’s Pest Prevention Plan?

Coupon: Got Mosquitoes? $25 Off Your First Service. Expire 12/31/22. CouponCode: EMAIL/YARD. Exclusions may apply.
Pest prevention plans help to keep your home or office free of pests, and to keep them from coming back. These plans typically include regular inspections, sealing up cracks and crevices, and using pest-resistant materials. We inspect your home, identifying existing and potential pest... more
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Ant Control & Extermination in Massachusetts, Cape Cod, New Hampshire & Southern Maine

Carpenter Ants
Repellents may kill ants in one spot but deter them from only that area, leaving the rest of the ant colony still alive and so they simply go somewhere else in the house. Quick pesticides may not kill the entire colony either. The best plan of action is a slow acting bait which will kill ants... more
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