Back-To-School with Bed Bugs

Back to School season is here! I’m sure there are a lot of parents out there that are excited to have their little ones out of the house, and are equally excited to get their school supply shopping over with. However, since bed bugs are on the rise across the country, it may be wise to squeeze in some time to learn how to keep the kiddos from bringing them home.
If a bed bug alert is released in your school district, there are a few steps you can take to help prevent a bed bug infestation from spreading into your home. While it may not be feasible to perform strict inspections and treatments all the time, you can at least follow these steps until the school has conducted an extermination and lifted the alert.
Store Backpacks Safely
Most experts feel that the biggest risk to transporting bed bugs home from school comes with backpacks. To combat this you can store your child’s book bag in a large, smooth-walled, plastic container. These containers are perfect for storing backpacks because bed bugs have a difficult time climbing the walls and will be trapped inside. This makes them easy to see if they walk off the bag in the container and means they probably won’t make their way into your home to begin an infestation.
If you feel you may have a bed bug infestation, contact A1 Exterminators and we can do a full inspection of your home for any signs of bed bugs.

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