Yellow Jackets pheromone signals others

The pheromone signals other yellow jackets to attack and sting with extreme prejudice. Yellow jackets are capable of multiple stings but only to a limited extent. Contrary to common belief, they have barbs on their stingers and many will lose their stingers and be eviscerated in the process, thereby sacrificing their life in defense of the colony. If you are stung, apply ice to the site of the sting may reduce some of the damage and pain. Sting relieving ointments and creams can also be purchased in pharmacies and sporting goods stores and may help some folks feel better. If you know that you are allergic and are stung, seek medical attention immediately. If you are stung and experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or swallowing, hives on your body, disorientation, light headed or other unusual symptoms seek medical attention immediately.

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