There's Still Time for Spring Cleaning Pest Control

Everyone has heard the saying, “Spring Cleaning” but we are not just talking clean your house for the warm season, we are talking clean out any possibility of pests enjoying your living space more than you are.

It is important to add pest control to your spring cleaning routine to help prevent pest problems later. Spring is a great time to get a Pest Prevention Plan, at A1 Exterminators we offer a Residential Pest Control Prevention Plan that is perfect for your home.

Here Are A Few Things You Can Add To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Yard Cleanup: Starting outside and moving in is a good way to begin! Pests make nests in dark moist spots so remove them if possible. Insects like dead plant, weeds and fallen branches, so grab a rake and get to work. And open containers that gather water, not a good idea, mosquitoes lay eggs in still waters such as these, dump the water and keep covers on all containers.
  • Closets & Attics: Sweep, dust and mop! Get all boxes out and remove anything you are no longer using. Bugs love boxes and if you are not using them for proper storage then they are making a home out of it.
  • Cupboards: Who doesn’t like leftovers?? To pests living in a pantry you want to think about that, I am not talking about last nights casserole, we are talking about all the little spills that happen in your pantry. Or what about the crumbs left in your sofa, you may not think much about it when they are falling off your lap or when the bag of chips falls over, but to the insects roaming around, you have just given them a formal invite to live with you. Clean our your furniture and all shelves in the pantry, wipe them down and vacuum good.

If this is not enough and are noticing signs of pests joining you in your living space call A1 Exterminators and we will be able to help you with all your pest control needs. Call today at 1-800-525-4825!

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