The Ultimate Guide to Household Ants: 5 Simple Signs Every Homeowner Needs To Know

One of the most common household pests is the ant. Ants are able to invade homes through the tiniest of cracks and crevices and can quickly become a nuisance. Ant control is becoming a very important tool in preventing ant infestations this summer season. Some of the most common signs of ants in the home include finding ants crawling on counters or floors, in cupboards, or near food. Ants can also leave behind small piles of sawdust-like material, which is actually their waste. If you suspect you have an ant problem in your home, contact a pest control professional for treatment options.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Why ants infest your home
  • What parts of your home are affected by ant infestations
  • How carpenter ants swarms multiply
  • How A1 Exterminators can help you get rid of ants

Do you worry your home is being infested with ants? Are you seeing trails of crawling critters in your kitchen, garage, or bedroom? Contact A1 Exterminators to get pest free. 

What Kind of Problems Do Carpenter Ants Cause?

Ants crawling inside of home on the floor

One of the most common problems that homeowners face is carpenter ants. These ants are attracted to damp or wet wood, which is why they are often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Carpenter ants are black or brown and are about the same size as a regular ant. However, carpenter ants can be distinguished by their long, curved antennas. If you see carpenter ants in your home, it is important to take action immediately. Otherwise, these ants will continue to damage your woodwork and create new colonies.

Carpenter Ants also cause their fair share of destruction, including:

  • Carpenter ants produce frass that can be found around areas where they infest and do damage
  • Carpenter ants emerge from their tunnels and live seemingly forever (at least that’s what it seems like to scared and shocked homeowners)
  • Visible damage always occurs when swarms of carpenter ants are in your home or office. Carpenter Ant Control is extremely important to have in place to avoid these problems.

5 Simple Signs of Household Ant Infestations Every Homeowner Needs To Know 

Carpenter Ants

While ants are generally considered harmless, they can infest homes and become a nuisance. There are a few reasons why ants might infest a home, such as seeking food or shelter. Once they find an adequate food source, they will send out pheromones to attract more ants. This can quickly lead to an infestation. To prevent ants from infesting your home, keep food sealed and clean up any crumbs or spills. If you do find ants, try to identify the source and eliminate i

#1. You See Ant Trails Throughout Your Home 

Ants crawling inside of home on the floor

Have you ever seen ant trails throughout your home and wondered where they’re coming from? More importantly, how can you get rid of them? Start by following the trail to see where it’s coming from. If you see ants entering your home, chances are there’s a crack or hole somewhere that they’re using to get inside. Once you’ve found the entry point, you can block it off with caulking or another material.

#2. Ant Hills Made Their Way To Your Kitchen, Garage, or Backyard

There’s nothing quite like finding an ant hill in your home or backyard. They’re a nuisance, and they can be difficult to get rid of. But if you’re persistent, you can get rid of them for good. The best way to get rid of an ant hill is to drench it with boiling water. This will kill the ants and the queen, and it will also destroy the hill.

#3. Stored Food Is Full of Ants

Group of winged Carpenter Ants (Camponotus) on a white background

Ants love to feed on food in your kitchen, especially sugary and starchy foods. If you have an ant problem in your kitchen, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. First, clean up any food that is left out, including crumbs and spills. Second, use ant baits or traps to lure them away from your food. Finally, seal up any cracks or crevices where they might be coming into your home.

#4. Visible Tunnels Throughout Your Wood 

Ants create visible tunnels throughout your wood furniture, which can devalue the piece. The tunnels are small, but they are numerous and can be quite unsightly. In addition, the ants themselves can be a nuisance. If you have ant tunnels in your furniture, you should have the furniture professionally treated to get rid of the ants and to prevent the tunnels from coming back.

#5. Insect Wings Cover Your Homes Surfaces

A1 Exterminators Pest Cotnrol Ants and Termites Differences - Termite Control

If you find that your home surfaces are covered in insect wings, it’s likely that ants are to blame. Ants are known to shed their wings as they travel, and this can lead to a build-up of wings on your surfaces. If you’re seeing a lot of wings, it’s a good idea to check for ants and to get rid of them if you find any.

How Can A1 Exterminators Help You Rid Your Home of Ants

Repellents may kill ants in one spot but deter them from only that area, leaving the rest of the ant colony still alive and so they simply go somewhere else in the house. Quick pesticides may not kill the entire colony either. The best plan of action is a slow acting bait which will kill ants slowly. The ants bring the bait back to the rest of the colony, killing off the entire colony. This is what you want! Call A1 Exterminators today setup your free estimate for Ant Control at 781-236-6280.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants With A1 Exterminators

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