Termites: Sentricon vs Liquid Treatment

Are you worried about termites invading your home? You may have heard of two common methods to treat termite infestations: liquid barrier treatment and Sentricon treatment. While liquid barrier treatment creates a barrier of chemicals around the foundation of the house, it has several disadvantages, including being less effective, degrading over time, and being harmful to the environment. On the other hand, Sentricon treatment uses bait to kill the entire termite colony, including the queen, and is a safer and more effective treatment option. Plus, it is long-lasting and does not degrade over time, making it an ideal choice for termite treatment. So, which treatment is best for your home? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each method to help you make an informed decision.

Sentricon technician installs Sentricon treatment

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Termite Sentricon Treatment

Advantages of Termite Baiting

  1. Eco-friendly: Termite baiting is an environmentally friendly solution for termite control, as it doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals.
  2. Ongoing structural protection: Termite baiting provides long-term structural protection by eliminating the termite colony responsible for the damage.
  3. No drilling, digging or trenching required: Unlike liquid termite treatment, termite baiting doesn’t require drilling, digging, or trenching, making it less invasive and disruptive.
  4. Low profile design: Termite bait stations are designed to be low-profile and discreet, making them less noticeable than other types of termite treatments.

Disadvantages of Termite Baiting

  1.  Higher initial cost: Termite baiting can be more expensive than liquid termite treatments, due to the cost of the bait stations and ongoing monitoring.
  2. Bait must be found: Termite baiting requires the termites to find and feed on the bait, which can be a drawback if they are not attracted to the bait or if it is not placed in the right location.

Liquid termite application

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Termite Chemical Treatment

Advantages of Liquid Termite Treatment

  1. Cost-effective: Liquid termite treatment is cost-effective compared to termite-baiting methods.
  2. Longlasting: It provides long-lasting protection against termites due to its residual effect.
  3. Invisible: Liquid termite treatment is discreet as it works under the soil, making it less noticeable than other termite treatments.

Disadvantages of Liquid Termite Treatment

  1. Invasive: It may require drilling, digging, and trenching, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  2. Must be airtight: The treatment barrier must be complete around the perimeter with no gaps for it to be effective.
  3. Contamination risk: It is not recommended near a body of water, well, or cistern due to the risk of contamination.

Why Choose A1 Exterminators for Your Termite Control?

At A1 Exterminators, we understand the damage that Termites can cause to your property and we are dedicated to providing effective and eco-friendly solutions. We offer the Sentricon® System for termite control, which eliminates the entire termite colony and provides ongoing protection through a cycle of monitoring and baiting. In addition, we also provide green termite control options that are safe for your family and the environment. Trust our experienced technicians to help you prevent and eliminate termite infestations.

Installing and servicing the Sentricon® System requires specific expertise that not all exterminators possess. Fortunately, A1 Exterminators has been a certified and authorized operator of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System for over 25 years. Our team of professionals undergoes rigorous training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to monitor and maintain termite treatment effectively. We also use state-of-the-art data gathering and management tools to keep track of your termite treatment progress.

Ready to protect your property from termites?

Don’t let termites damage your home – let our experienced technicians provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Schedule an inspection today to learn about our eco-friendly termite control options, including the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. Contact us today.

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