Termite Prevention Tips

  • Schedule a termite inspection. These should be done annually by an expert from pest control services.
  • Treat the soil around your house. Some choose the DIY route, but professionals can typically get this done in less than a day. Once in place, a treatment will last several years. To treat the soil, a six-inch trench is dug around the house, right up next to the foundation, into which several gallons of the chemical mix are poured in. Some professionals will also inject the concrete foundation with chemicals. When termites ingest the treated soil, they die. They can also carry the chemical back to their colony, with the potential of eliminating much of the population.
  • Reduce food sources. Any excess wood around or near your house can attract termites. Remove any dead trees, firewood, and other dead plants and wood from the area. For foundation plantings near your house, choose rock or pea gravel instead of wood mulch.
  • Maintain proper drainage. Termites are attracted to moisture. By maintaining proper drainage around your house, you’re taking a proactive step in deterring termites.
  • Contract with a pest control company. Look into a warranted spraying contract with a pest control company. For an annual fee, your home receives a termite inspection and is sprayed. If termites get in after all and cause damage, your contract could cover the costs of repairing it.
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