Swarming Ladybugs Are Not Really Ladybugs

Almost everyone loves ladybugs. They are probably the most loved pest in the world because they are pretty little insects. We’ve all seen red and black ladybugs outside. You’ve probably even picked one up a time or two. But there is a very similar orange and black bug that has been seen across the country and these are something you really shouldn’t touch. Whileasian_lady_beetle - pest control - a1 exterminators they are cute too, they can and will bite you.

This is the season people are opening their windows to get the last breaths of fresh air before being closed in for the winter.  Take some extra precautions to make sure your screens are all intact so this pest cannot get into your home.

In Lake Ozark, Mo, a woman reported that “Seeing these bugs inside her home isn’t exactly what she calls fun.”  They stink sand they are everywhere.  All over the window seals and in the garage and all over the door frames.
These black and orange bugs aren’t actually cute little lady bugs, they are Asian beetles. Asian beetles are one of those pests that has been migrating more and more this way.

If you have these beetles in your home, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them.  First of all, don’t  squish them. They stink, they let out a chemical similar to a stink bug.  You can sweep or vacuum them up.  Be sure to remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it immediately.

The weather will be a big help in removing these pests. The freeze that is inevitably going to come will kill many of them. However, they like to burrow in to warm places, including your walls.  So, if you see them starting to swarm to a location on your home, usually the south side that gets the most sun, they must be taken care of as soon as possible.  If not they will return to the same location in the spring.

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