Stinging Insects — Control Tips

  • If you or someone else has been stung and are allergic or sensitive to stings, call your healthcare provider right away.
  • Identify your pest! Beneficial insects and unwanted species may look similar.
  • Monitor for nest-building insects. Inspect trees, open structures, eaves, soffits, and holes in walls and structures.
  • Knock down new nests early in the season.
  • Remember that many bees and wasps nest on or in the ground. Always wear shoes when walking through your yard.
  • Deter stinging insects by limiting food and water sources. Tightly seal garbage bins, get rid of soft drink cans and food containers, keep pet food covered or indoors, and dispose of fallen fruit.
  • Lure traps can limit pest presence in the area. Be sure to keep lure traps away from patios, porches, or entrances to buildings and homes.
  • Properly seal doors, windows, and cracks in your foundation, vents, and walls.
  • Reduce debris in and around the yard to limit shelter for pests.
  • Consider not planting flowering trees, shrubs, and flowers close to entrances of buildings and homes. They may attract stinging insects to the area.
  • Consult a professional for nest removal.
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