Preventing Bee Stings

Here are some general tips on avoiding insect stings;

  • Don’t swat at flying insects. If they land on you, gently brush them off, and then walk away.
  • Observe the flight pattern of the insects to determine their nest site, and then avoid it.
  • Avoid floral perfumes, lotions and hair products, which may attract insects.
  • Yellow jackets are attracted to sugary sodas and may fly into the cans, so pour the drink into a glass so you can
    see it.
  • Keep garbage cans and pet food covered.
  • Imitation nests encourage paper wasps to seek another place for nest building. (They won’t deter ground-nesting yellow jackets, however.)

Yellow jacket traps can help keep the population of a nest in check if they’re set out in spring and early summer, when the population in the yellow jacket colony is small. Later in the season, placing the traps around the perimeter of an outdoor seating area may help reduce their pestering, but the traps won’t do much to reduce the overall population.


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