Preventing Bed Bugs | Responsibilities of building management

  • Eliminate bed bug hiding spots (e.g., peeling paint, breaches/cracks in floors or walls)
  • Encourage staff to report pests, including bed bugs, seen in the building
  • Raise staff awareness about pests and bed bugs by educating staff on
    • Recognizing bed bugs, their signs, and their bites
    • Identifying bed bug and knowing their habits
    • Actions for reducing the risk of spreading bed bugs
  • Maintain a log book of pests reported by staff, including:
    • Date of concern
    • Concern type (bites, bug sighting)
    • Room or unit number
    • Date of inspection
    • Inspection results and follow-up
  • Respond to occupant concerns of bed bugs by conducting an inspection of the space
  • Inform staff of any findings regarding biting insects (e.g., bed bugs, fleas)
  • Follow Identification, Inspection, and Notification procedures outlined below

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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