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The house fly is the most common of all flies fluttering in homes, and indeed one of the most widely distributed insects; it is often considered a pest that can carry serious diseases. Its eggs are laid in almost any

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Greenhead Horse Fly: The Notorious Beach Day Destroyer If you have ever spent a summer day on the beaches of Northeast Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire, chances are you have had an unfortunate encounter with the Greenhead Horse Fly, also

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Adults are about 1/8 inch in length and the color varies between tan, brownish, or brownish-black. The eyes are normally bright red. Fruit flies are drawn to fresh fruit and vegetables or where there is plenty of moisture and yeast.

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Drain flies are a common, Major health hazard. These small insects closely resemble fruit flies and breed in the decaying organic matter typically found in “J” traps or floor and sink drains. Drain flies cannot be eliminated unless you remove

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Size: 5/16” long color: non-metallic, light & dark grey abdomen In the late fall, cluster flies will fly to the sunny sides of homes and other structures in search of protected sites to over-winter. They will migrate inside through cracks

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