Pest Control Myths

Some people try to eliminate pests on their own.  While some methods may be effective for short periods of time, there are some do-it-yourself techniques that are just a waste of time.
Penny in a Bag of Water = No Mosquitoes – This just doesn’t make sense to many pest control experts.  Mosquitoes are attracted to water so why would a bag of water repel them?  Standing water is attractive to mosquitoes, and there is research showing that shiny pennies are appealing to insects too.  Stick with your mosquito repelling plants instead.
Grits Repel Ants – Although not all humans like grits, ants are not very picky about their foods.  Leaving any type of food out will attract ants rather than deter them.
norway_rat (1)
Cheese Attracts Mice – It is true that mice will usually eat anything they find, cheese is not as irresistible as most people believe. If you are going to try to catch a rodent on your own, peanut butter is a much better option.
For bigger pest problems, contact A1 Exterminators and we will send out and expert in pest control to do a full evaluation of your property.  We can be reached at 800-525-4825.

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