Keep Carpenter Bees Away

If you have not had a problem with carpenter bees in the past, hopefully you can keep it that way by following these steps.

Carpenter bee causing damage

  1. Assess your exposed wood, look for any divots or areas that could be seen as potential nests.  Keep a special eye out in areas that are well sheltered, like under an overhang or in the corner of a house.  These areas will be most alluring to nesting carpenter bees.  If not already, seal up any cracks or holes in your wood siding with putty to make those areas flush.
  2. Stain, paint, or treat your wood.  This is a big task, but hopefully it’s something that you already have done just to preserve your wood.  By no means does this step guarantee that carpenter bees will not find your wood an ideal location for a nest, but it does help considerably.
  3. Do you have wooden furniture to protect?  Try using a citrus extract spray on the furniture. Carpenter bees do not like the smell of citrus.  You can easily make this yourself by boiling citrus fruit peels in a shallow pot of water.  Re-apply this spray at least twice a week (more if it is rainy) to keep the furniture safe.
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