Is There A Nose-wrenching Smell Plaguing Your Home or Office?

Is there a nose-wrenching smell coming from every nook and cranny of your home? If so, read on…

“Roaches can have an oily, musty smell.

“In order to communicate with each other, cockroaches use chemical messages. … According to pest control company Terminix, “Roaches can produce a pungent, musty odor that gets worse the longer the infestation goes on.

Not previously seen on our contintent, stink bugs were accidentally introduced into eastern Pennsylvania and are now invading homes all over the eastern side of the country, from Maine to South Carolina. They are particularly pesky throughout the warm months of spring.

You may have noticed an odd scent in your home, but never connected it to these creepy critters. Read on to find out which smell could mean you have roaches lurking in your home, and for more insects to look out for,” Source: Best Life


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