How to Preserve Your Pests

imageThere are some people that are not all about trying to get rid of the pests or pest control in their homes, they rather want to preserve them.  If you are a bug collector, here is a relatively simple way to preserve your little creatures.
What you need:

  • Clear hand sanitizer
  • Glass vial
  • Dry or preserved in alcohol insects
  • Wooden skewer
  • Eye dropped
  • Small sauce pan for stove


  • Fill vial 2/3 full of hand sanitizer
  • Place insect into vial with wooden skewer
  • Fill saucepan with an inch of water (or halfway up the vials)
  • Place open vials upright in pan
  • Let water simmer for 10-15 minutes (be cautious that no hand sanitizer gets near the burner because it is very flammable)
  • Once bubbles in hand sanitizer is gone, carefully remove vials
  • Then re-position insects how you want them to be displayed
  • Use eyedropper to remove any remaining bubbles
  • Once vials are cooled down, add more hand sanitizer to the top, let it overflow slightly
  • When you put the lid on some will come out and get rid of any bubbles
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