How To Get Rid Of Gray Squirrel In Your House

If you learn that you have squirrels in your house, you will certainly want them gone as quickly as possible. They can be dangerous by spreading disease through their droppings. They leave debris in your house and nasty smells. They also do a fair amount of damage by chewing through electrical wires. It is not an easy task to get rid of them. They like living in people’s homes because that’s where the food and shelter is. It is also the place where they can give birth and raise their young in a fairly protected manner. The only truly effective way to extricate them from your home is to trap them or to create a path of escape. Be careful not to be bitten and be quick to shut doors to rooms further in the home and leave as many exits out of the home open as possible. Don’t panic and try to calmly ‘herd’ the squirrel out of your home. Depending on how the squirrel got into your home you may need to do a few repairs to keep them from entering again. If they entered through an open window it may be as simple as getting a screen. If there is a bit of difficulty you should consult a wildlife specialist.

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