Stagnant Waters & Overgrown Lawns = Mosquito Breeding Grounds!!

It is the female mosquito that sucks blood from other animals, making them the most deadly disease vector known, killing millions of people over thousands of years and continuing to kill millions per year by the spread of disease.
Most species are nocturnal or crepuscular (dawn or dusk) feeders. During the heat of the day most mosquitoes rest in a cool place ans wait for the evenings. They may still bite if disturbed. Mosquito’s are adept at infiltration and have been known to find their way into homes via deactivated air conditioning units.
Abandoned homes and home foreclosures really need to watch for extra breeding of mosquitoes in the area. Standing water is how mosquitoes breed, water left untended will result in an explosion in the mosquito population, bringing with them, the West Nile Virus.
One way to help control the mosquitoes from breeding is to drop in larvicide bricks or grains into the abandoned pools, hot tubs and fish ponds.
Mosquitoes can lay eggs in any standing water, an open trash barrel, empty planting pots, bird feedersĀ  anything water can collect in and left is just what those nasty mosquitoes will be looking for, and it happens quickly!
So let’s all do our part, watch for standing waters in your area, we want to eliminate the mosquito population, not increase it!
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