Get Rid Of Ants With Borax And Sugar

Here are two recipes for a DIY ant remover. For both the liquid and solid ant baits, you want to mix the borax into the sugary bait in a 1 to 3 ratio.
Maple syrup or honey can work for the liquid bait. Microwave 3/4 cup of syrup or honey fec0544fcd8091ddb846fe0a115f0d1fbor a few seconds until warm. Then mix 1/4 cup of the borax. Stir until combined.
For the solid ant bait, mix 1/4 cup of borax with 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. Stir well to make sure it’s completely mixed.
If you can find where the ants are coming in, place a small Tupperware lid on the floor and put some of the bait mixture on the lid.  This should help reduce the ants in your home.

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