Flying Squirrels Description

Squirrels are divided into three distinct groups. Tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. Each of these species has the full capacity to exact mass destruction on your yard as well. From red squirrels to eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels they can all cause serious damage to your home and yard.


The typical squirrel, when adult, may be from 12 to 25 inches long. Squirrels are avid climbers and they can be pests. They are usually muscular and they have sharp claws. Squirrel color can vary from shades of black to grays, reds, and browns. With short thick fur, they are very bushy along their tails. Typically, their underbellies are different from the color of their coats.


A squirrel has a habitat that consists of nuts, flowers, seeds, herbaceous plants and even fungi. They love the forest areas in the United States as well as in Northeastern Mexico and even in South central Canada. Many of the species of Nearctic squirrels were introduced to such European Countries such as Italy, England, Ireland, and Scotland. They are considered invasive pests in these regions.

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