Do You have an Ant Issue?

Do you have an ant infestation? Here are a few signs and what to look for.
Ants have overrun exposed food
If you haven’t had pest problems before, you probably tend to leave leftovers exposed for short periods of time, or keep items in your pantry in their original containers. When an ant infestation is present, none of these items are safe. Ants will eventually sniff out the exposed food, and you will find it crawling with worker ants before long. To prevent further problems, store all food in the refrigerator or in airtight containers
Pet dishes have been infiltrated
Ants aren’t picky; they’ll eat whatever food is available, including food which belongs to your pets. If you have dogs or cats, you’ll likely find a trail of ants leading up to and inside their food bowl.
You notice stray ants walking around
The search for food is a continuous one for ants, and when there’s a major infestation present, there will be plenty of scout ants wandering around your home. If you regularly spot individual ants in unconventional places, such as your bedroom or the bathroom, they are probably part of a much larger infestation.
You find ant nests outside the home
Ants won’t often build their nests inside of your home, but infestations are usually accompanied by nests that are within close distance of the house, or even adjacent to exterior walls. Look for small mounds of dirt with plenty of ants milling around. They will seem minor and insignificant, but there are countless ants just underneath the surface.

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