Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles belong to the family of beetles known as dermestids. These insects are pests in warehouses, homes, museums, and other locations. Native adult carpet beetle populations feed on pollen and nectar in landscaping plants and shrubs that bloom in spring and early to mid summer; they then subsequently make their way into homes and structures through open windows, cracks in screens and under doors. (Or they can also be brought into the home on cut flowers!)
Every house will normally have a few carpet beetles. But, in large number carpet beetles can cause damage by larval stage feeding on protein-containing materials like your client’s favorite woolen sweater, down comforter or fur stole; leather jackets or moccasin shoes are also attacked. If there has been a rodent, bird, bat, wasp/bee nest or urban wildlife infestation in the home recently, these beetles will also come to break down any dead or decaying carcasses that may be present. They will even feed upon silken cobwebs, if a large spider infestation is present. If there are pets in the home, a build up of fur and hair can accumulate over time in corners and vents and at base boards, and this will support an infestation as well. They also can eat carpets and fabrics made of silk, mohair, angora or wool.
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