Carpenter Bee Infestations

Carpenter bees are a solitary bee species that are found in Massachusetts and most parts of the Northeast.  They bore holes in bare, unpainted softwoods to lay their eggs in and nest in over the winter months.  Unlike termites, they do not eat the wood.
Carpenter bees are solitary insects, not social like bumblebees. They usually live on their own in tunnels that they bore into wood.
The male carpenter bee cannot sting. They may buzz threateningly at you, but this is a bluff. While the female bee can sting, it is very rare unless they are significantly provoked.
There are many signs that you may notice if carpenter bees are present on your property including:

  • Holes that are about ½ of an inch in diameter in wood that is unfinished, weathered or bare.
  • Piles of saw dust underneath the holes.
  • Males are aggressive and will protect their nest so you will see them flying around the holes.
  • There may be yellow staining from their fecal matter underneath the hole.

If you believe you have carpenter ants, contact A1 Exterminators to help.

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