Buzzing Facts about Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are wasps 1/2 to 1 inch long and have yellow and black stripes. They are aggressive. Their sting is usually painful and mildly injurious. Although, they are not very dangerous, but significant precaution should be taken when you see one. Here are some worth knowing interesting facts about yellow jackets.

Yellow Jackets can be easily mistaken for bees because of similar size and color. Yellow jackets differ from the bees in some ways – Yellow jackets have brighter color, they also have lesser hair than bees. Yellow jackets have black and yellow stripes on their abdomen and have a peculiarly narrow waist.

Yellow Jackets have six legs, four wings and two antennas. The parts of their body can be identified as head, thorax and abdomen. The face is yellow and has prominent black eyes.

By: Savage Facts

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