Bug Tip Tuesday | Fruit Fly Trap

Every fall, fruit flies seem to find their way into everyone’s home.  We all want to eat healthy and leave some fruit out on the counter for a quick grab and go snack.  Here is a simple fly trap from therealfarmhouse.com for the pesky little critters.

  • You will need a jar, a piece of paper, a piece of tape, fruit, and bread. Any jar will work. A regular sheet of paper and whatever tape you can find will suffice. A piece of fruit that is a little on the riper side, or even got a few bad spots already is ideal. And a soft, fragrant piece of yeasty bread is the best.
  • Roll your paper into a funnel shape so that the top part is as wide as you can make it. The bottom opening only needs to be about as big as your thumb. Tape it in place.
  • Put your piece or two of fruit in the jar, and squish it down a little so some juice covers the bottom. The more fragrant the better! Then toss a chunk of bread on top. The bread is your secret weapon. The smell of the fruit will draw them in and the yeast will hook them, they love it!  Just don’t fill your jar too full or the flies will crawl right out.
  • Top your jar with your paper funnel. Make sure the funnel is not sitting on the bread. Then place it near your worst fruit fly problem. They go down the funnel to the delicious fruit fly food and can’t figure out how to get back out.

A short while later, when the jar is filled with flies, carefully take it outside and set the buggers loose. Hold the funnel in place until you are away from the house and your door is closed. Repeat as many times as you need.

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