Bed bugs at school

Bed bugs can hitchhike into schools from infested homes of students, teachers, and school staff members. Teachers and school administrators and staff members should know the proper procedures in dealing with bed bugs.

Here are some tips on what to do if a student or person has been identified with bed bugs.

  • Don’t make a child or person go home; a solution can’t be reached overnight anyway
  • Give the student or person materials to take home with them (fact sheets)
  • Write a letter to the student’s parent/guardian requesting steps on prevention and treatment
  • Give child necessary storage items to hold belongings with bed bugs
  • Separate and isolate student’s items
  • Inspect the student’s locker or desk for signs of bed bugs
  • Facilities and classrooms should be kept uncluttered and clean
  • Vacuum common areas regularly
  • Use plastic containers for storage
  • Have a bed bug expert or canine inspect the property
  • Have bed bug specimen inspected by professional
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