Avoid Getting Stung this Summer

Did you know Cnidophobia is the fear of insect stings? Getting stung by an insect can run the gamut of being an annoyance to posing a severe risk to your health. As soon as the weather warmed up, all types of pests came out of hiding. Avoid getting stung this summer with these tips.
Watch What You Wear
Certain clothing will attract more insects. Bright colors and floral patterns may make you appealing to flying insects. Wearing close-toed shoes can protect your feet from bug bites. Although it’s hot, ideally covering your skin with long-sleeve shirts and pants is the best. This is especially important while gardening. Insects also tend to hang around those who use fragrances. Avoid hair products, perfumes, aftershaves, makeup, and lotions with strong floral or fruity scents.
Beware of Nests
In many cases, if you don’t bother bugs, they won’t bug you. You never know when you may inadvertently mow over or trim nearby a beehive. Check all branches, under gutters, and in the corners of doorways during before starting any outdoor project. While eating outdoors, be careful around trash cans and nearby bodies of water. If you do eat or drink outside, keep everything covered and dispose all items as soon as you’re finished.
Insect Repellent
Insect repellent can be purchased at any drugstore and protects against many outdoor pests. Insect repellent is especially important if you are going into the woods and have a chance of being exposed to ticks. Read all labels to see what insects the spray protects against.
Don’t Freak Out
Staying calm is hard to do when a bee or wasp is flying in your direction, but this is important. Avoid flailing your arms or making rapid movements since this increases your likelihood of getting stung.

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