Ants — When is the best time to start managing for pest ants?

For most ants, foraging activity usually declines in late fall when temperatures cool, and picks back up again in early spring as days get warmer. Timing your management strategies to coincide with these seasonal changes in activity can improve management success, particularly into the summer months when ants are most problematic. First, communicate the need to eliminate conducive conditions with your clients before ant activity picks up in the spring. Towards the end of winter, begin educating your customers on the importance of removing possible harborage sites outside the home. These can include firewood stored within 20 feet of the house, brush piles or excess mulch against the foundation. Also, make sure all foliage is trimmed back and kept from contacting the structure. Lastly, reduce or eliminate populations of aphids, scales and other plant feeding insects that are known to attract ants. Timing these proactive management efforts correctly can reduce the abundance of pest ants around your accounts in the spring, setting you up for an easier summer.

By: Pest World

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