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New England, Boston’s North Metro/North Shore, South Shore areas, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and New Hampshire

Massachusetts, Cape Cod and New Hampshire Pest Control Service Area List

We provide pest extermination services for all the areas listed below. If you’re looking for pest control in MA, we offer extermination and removal services to all of Massachusetts from Worcester to the Northeast and Central Massachusetts including Essex and Middlesex Counties, Worcester County, Boston and South Metro including Suffolk and Norfolk Counties. If you’re looking for pest control in MA, we offer extermination and removal services to all of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Pest control in New Hampshire, we service the Portmouth, Nashua, Manchester, and Concord areas including Rockingham, Hillsborough, Merrimack, and Strafford Counties, Belknap County up through Southern Maine. Call today to see if you are located in an A1 Pest Control service town. While termite control requires an on-site inspection, we can give a free quote over the phone for most other pest control services.

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Attleboro, MA508-399-5770
Beverly, MA978-927-7026
Boston, MA617-623-8862
Bourne, MA508-759-6033
Brockton, MA508-588-5353
Buzzards Bay, MA508-759-4859
Canton, MA781-821-4494
Chelmsford, MA978-486-9266
Chelsea, MA617-889-2702
Concord, MA978-371-5530
Dedham, MA781-329-4454
East Falmouth, MA508-548-5554
Framingham, MA508-620-2777
Framingham, MA508-872-7288
Gloucester, MA978-281-8811
Harwich, MA508-432-5866
Haverhill, MA978-373-4200
Hingham, MA781-749-2272
West Hyannis, MA508-775-7777
Hyannis, MA508-778-0566
Lawrence, MA978-689-0752
Lowell, MA978-454-3384
Lynn, MA781-592-2731
Malden, MA781-324-7864
Manchester, NH603-621-0134
Marlborough, MA508-229-7750
Martha’s Vineyard508-693-5866
Medford, MA781-396-5117
Medford, MA781-396-6668
Middleborough, MA508-947-8882
Milford, MA508-634-4774
Milton, MA617-698-5433
Nashua, NH603-888-2636
Nashua, NH603-893-8099
New Bedford, MA508-291-1217
Newton, MA617-965-7856
Newburyport, MA978-462-1233
Orleans, MA508-240-2299
Orleans, MA508-240-2513
Plymouth, MA508-746-9156
Portsmouth, NH603-436-6214
Provincetown, MA508-487-6540
Quincy, MA617-786-7778
Revere, MA781-289-2800
Revere, MA781-289-3784
Rockland, MA781-871-7174
Sagamore, MA508-833-4800
Salem, NH603-893-8099
Sandwich, MA508-790-2900
Somerville, MA617-776-8922
Southern Maine877-926-0442
Stoughton, MA781-344-1641
Tyngsboro, MA978-649-2255
Waltham, MA781-890-0990
Wakefield, MA781-246-0770
Wareham, MA508-291-1133
Webster, MA508-943-9065
Woburn, MA781-932-3443
Worcester, MA508-943-9065

For a complete list of the locations we cover click here.


Call A1 at 1-800-525-4825 (1-800-499-5866 for Cape Cod) to solve your pest management problems!

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It’s Your Yard. Defend It. Against Mosquitoes And Ticks.

A1 Exterminators is now offering an Organic Mosquito and Tick Program.
“You can expect up to a 70-90% reduction in mosquito and tick populations around your home…. less pests and less risks of diseases”

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Spring Cleaning Advice to Keep Pests at Bay

Now that spring has finally arrived, and the weather conditions are beginning to improve along the east coast, many homeowners will be spending the next couple of weekends tackling their spring cleaning to-do lists. If you are one of these people, make sure that you address the pest hot spots around your home in between wiping down the windows…

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Fleas Can Cause Real Harm

Don’t take a flea infestation lightly if you have pets. Fleas are actually parasites and after a while they can make your animals become very sick.

They produce offspring very quickly and spread like wildfire. Your pets can suffer from serious diseases from fleas, such as tapeworm, Pulicosis, and cat scratch fever.


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Mosquito Season is Starting Up

We are hoping for some long summer days and balmy nights spent outside in the upcoming months, but those can quickly be ruined by the telltale buzz of a relentless mosquito on the hunt for its next meal. The itchy, red reminders mosquitoes leave behind should be enough of an indication to take precautions against these pests, but A1…

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Mealmoths Can Come Home In Your Groceries

Mealmoths can be brought into your home with your groceries.  The Indian Meal Moth is found more often than any other on stored food and grain pantry pest in the United States. Since they feed on any items containing grain or cereal products, the Indian Meal Moth alone is responsible for most of the insect problems associated with the…

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Make A Snack Time Puzzle

Let the kids play with their food!  Try getting all the ingredients cut up and see if the kids can put it together to look like a bumble bee.


1 yellow plum
A handful of black grapes
2 apple slices93b0c1bb97b80b50d7a0591242bd33f6
1 baby carrot
2 black currants
2 Honey-Nut Cheerios
A handful of Honey Kix Cereal


  1. Slice the yellow…

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Bug Tip Tuesday – Ladybugs

Do you have ladybugs in your home?  These pests find their way into your home in the early winter and are now starting to emerge due to the warmer weather.  Sometimes, they get a little confused as to which way they are suppose to exit the hibernation location.  Obviously they should be heading out!  However, you may find some…

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