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New England, Boston’s North Metro/North Shore, South Shore areas, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and New Hampshire

Massachusetts, Cape Cod and New Hampshire Pest Control Service Area List

We provide pest extermination services for all the areas listed below. If you’re looking for pest control in MA, we offer extermination and removal services to all of Massachusetts from Worcester to the Northeast and Central Massachusetts including Essex and Middlesex Counties, Worcester County, Boston and South Metro including Suffolk and Norfolk Counties. If you’re looking for pest control in MA, we offer extermination and removal services to all of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Pest control in New Hampshire, we service the Portmouth, Nashua, Manchester, and Concord areas including Rockingham, Hillsborough, Merrimack, and Strafford Counties, Belknap County up through Southern Maine. Call today to see if you are located in an A1 Pest Control service town. While termite control requires an on-site inspection, we can give a free quote over the phone for most other pest control services.

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Attleboro, MA 508-399-5770
Beverly, MA 978-927-7026
Boston, MA 617-623-8862
Bourne, MA 508-759-6033
Brockton, MA 508-588-5353
Buzzards Bay, MA 508-759-4859
Canton, MA 781-821-4494
Chelmsford, MA 978-486-9266
Chelsea, MA 617-889-2702
Concord, MA 978-371-5530
Dedham, MA 781-329-4454
East Falmouth, MA 508-548-5554
Framingham, MA 508-620-2777
Framingham, MA 508-872-7288
Gloucester, MA 978-281-8811
Harwich, MA 508-432-5866
Haverhill, MA 978-373-4200
Hingham, MA 781-749-2272
West Hyannis, MA 508-775-7777
Hyannis, MA 508-778-0566
Lawrence, MA 978-689-0752
Lowell, MA 978-454-3384
Lynn, MA 781-592-2731
Malden, MA 781-324-7864
Manchester, NH 603-621-0134
Marlborough, MA 508-229-7750
Martha’s Vineyard 508-693-5866
Medford, MA 781-396-5117
Medford, MA 781-396-6668
Middleborough, MA 508-947-8882
Milford, MA 508-634-4774
Milton, MA 617-698-5433
Nashua, NH 603-888-2636
Nashua, NH 603-893-8099
New Bedford, MA 508-291-1217
Newton, MA 617-965-7856
Newburyport, MA 978-462-1233
Orleans, MA 508-240-2299
Orleans, MA 508-240-2513
Plymouth, MA 508-746-9156
Portsmouth, NH 603-436-6214
Provincetown, MA 508-487-6540
Quincy, MA 617-786-7778
Revere, MA 781-289-2800
Revere, MA 781-289-3784
Rockland, MA 781-871-7174
Sagamore, MA 508-833-4800
Salem, NH 603-893-8099
Sandwich, MA 508-790-2900
Somerville, MA 617-776-8922
Southern Maine 877-926-0442
Stoughton, MA 781-344-1641
Tyngsboro, MA 978-649-2255
Waltham, MA 781-890-0990
Wakefield, MA 781-246-0770
Wareham, MA 508-291-1133
Webster, MA 508-943-9065
Woburn, MA 781-932-3443
Worcester, MA 508-943-9065

For a complete list of the locations we cover click here.


Call A1 at 1-800-525-4825 (1-800-499-5866 for Cape Cod) to solve your pest management problems!

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Winter is a busy season for pests. Rodents are most active and insects come come in the house to find warmth for the cold months.. Find out more about Winter pests »

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Seal Openings from Pests

Before the snow hits hard, make sure to install a chimney cap and to seal around dryer vents to close up any open spaces on your property. You don’t want pests making themselves comfortable in your home!pests

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Keep Your House Dry and Clean This Winter

Don’t wait for spring-cleaning. Prevent an infestation all winter long. Make sure to do these few chores to keep on top of any pests trying to move in.$_32

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Check for leaks around sinks, toilets &tubs
  • Keep fire wood outside
  • Wipe counter tops after each meal
  • Properly seal any food containers.

A clean and dry…

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Roaches in your Dressing?

As the idea if eating insects is wildly spreading across the world, scientists have found that Roaches contain a large amount of Omega-3 and protein. When blended and reduced to oil, some have been brave enough to make a salad dressing with the oil. Would you try it?roaches

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Flies Still Pestering You

This time of year there still might be a few pesky house flies that you just cant seem to get rid of. It turns out that flies actually hate the smell of basil, so keeping a pot of basil in a 29_house_fly__npma-150x150sunny area in the kitchen as well as hanging…

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Do You Have Fleas?

If your cats or dogs are bringing fleas into the house, try salting your carpets and furniture. Before going to bed, pour a heavy amount of salt all over any fabric surfaces, such as couches, dog beds, etc. In the morning, vacuum all of the salt. This will kill the larvae. Repeat this for 3-4 nights, because fleas have…

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Cheese for Mice

Still putting cheese in your mousetraps? This is an old wise tale that isn’t too effective. Mice are more likely to go after foods with high protein and fat content such as peanut butter, bacon, or beef jerky. Use only small portions, because mice can nibble on larger pieces without getting caught. Using the right method of mous

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