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Pest control in Acton, MA can be frustrating and overwhelming. We can make it easy for you, call A1 Exterminators. We have been exterminating pests and rodents from homes in Acton, MA for over 65 years. Our highly trained pest control technicians use the safest and latest extermination methods to eliminate these unwanted visitors from your Acton home. All of our exterminators use products that are odorless and meet or exceed state and local regulatory requirements. You can be sure that your pest problem will be handled quickly and effectively with A1 Exterminators on your side.

Acton has been ranked at one of the top places to live in Massachusetts. Almost all of Acton is forested, except for where it has been cleared for residential or agricultural use. Acton has two primary stream systems which empty into the Assabet River. With the large amount of forest in Acton, many unwanted pests find their homes there. These pests include nuisance animals, mosquitoes, termites, bees, wasps, carpenter ants and rodents.

Pest Control and Pest Prevention Plan

Our first step is to inspect your home in Acton, MA. Once we have assessed the situation, we can make our recommendations to rid your home of pests or rodents. Usually, the best course of action is our Pest Prevention Plan. Not only will we exterminate the pests that are currently in your home, we will also provide maintenance for any future pest control concerns. This plan thoroughly protects your Acton, MA home from pests and rodents.