Swarmer and Carpenter Ant Control in Massachusetts

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Springtime in New England means Swarmer Ants and Carpenter Ants are sure to follow. If you’ve seen ants in your home or business, it’s time to call A1 Exterminators. Our professional and licensed technicians have the skill and know-how to rid your home or business of ants and termites safely and effectively.

Pest-ID: What type of ants are they?

Swarmer Ants appear in the summer months from May to August. These matured ants appear in swarms during early Spring, looking to expand their colony to a new nesting spot. If you see these ants swarming in or around your house, you have an expanding ant colony on your hands. This can mean serious structural damage to your home or business.

Carpenter Ants appear in the Spring as early as March, through early Fall. Their nests start outdoors in decaying logs, rotting fence posts, stumps, old firewood, damaged trees or in water-damaged wooden structures. This species is notorious for causing serious structural damage to homes that can cost thousands in repairs.

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Carpenter Ant Illustration

A typical Carpenter Ant found in Massachusetts

Swarmer Ant Illustration

A typical Swarmer Ant found in Massachusetts