Rodent Tip Tuesday | How to Get Rid of Rodents

Step 1: Take Away Their Food

Rodents will eat anything. You must get rid of their food to get rid of them.

Common food sources include:

  • Bird food/feeders
  • Pet food/chicken feed
  • Garbage
  • Pet waste
  • Backyard compost that has not been rodent-proofed
  • Fallen fruit from trees or unharvested produce from gardens

Step 2: Eliminate Them

Trapping is the preferred method for eliminating rodents indoors and outdoors. Snap traps are inexpensive and effective. Peanut butter usually works as bait.

Set the trap in the area with the most rodent activity. Rodents tend to run along walls, so place traps next to a wall, fence line or foundation.

To keep children, pets and other animals safe from traps, use tamper-resistant bait stations.

Poisoning is not an ideal way to eliminate rodents, but is sometimes necessary. Poison is not recommended for indoor use, as rodents can die inside walls and produce odor.

Rodent poisons (rodenticides) are also harmful to animals and pets, so use carefully. Always use a secured bait station to keep poisons away from children, pets, and other animals.

Step 3: Keep Them Out of Your House

Small openings in homes, buildings and sheds must be sealed to prevent rodents from entering.

Check for openings where pipes or wires enter the building, under eaves, and around foundations, doors and windows. Use cement, 1/4 inch steel hardware cloth (wire mesh, pictured), or steel wool and spray foam to seal openings.

Seal crawl spaces and attics to prevent rodent access.

Trim back overhanging branches around house to reduce roof rat access

Rodents often enter through open doors and gaps in weather stripping, unscreened windows and pet doors. Install weather stripping to limit access. Choose a self-closing pet door that’s designed to keep pests out.

Step 4: Keep Them Out of Your Yard

Don’t let your yard be a nesting zone for rodents.

Rats will nest in:

  • Outdoor piles of garbage and junk.
  • Under wood piles or lumber. Stack wood piles 18 inches off the ground.
  • Under blackberry bushes, shrubs, vines and tall grasses that are not trimmed or cut back.
  • Persistent holes in your parking strip, under the sidewalk or front yard.

Step 5: Get Professional Help
You may need to contact A1 Exterminator professionals with a bad infestation.

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