Poison-Free, Trap-Free Rodent Control. Yes, Really.

In the heart of New England, where residents value sustainability and humane solutions, A1 Exterminators introduces the Sentinel System – a groundbreaking, eco-friendly approach to rodent control. Nobody likes the idea of poisoning, trapping, and using other inhumane, toxic solutions for rodents. But nobody likes rodents infesting their homes and businesses either. It’s a health risk, on top of the structural damage rodents are capable of – not limited to electrical fires and foundational collapses. Finally–the future of rodent control is here, and it’s green!

Sentinel Rodent Control System: Poison-Free, Trap-Free Rodent Control.

Sentinel: Above and Below-Ground Defense

Many property owners find themselves frustrated, having meticulously sealed all entry points, yet still discovering signs of rodents indoors. Shockingly, one overlooked avenue is your toilets. Yes, it’s remarkably easy for rodents to navigate through plumbing, holding their breath for up to 3 minutes. This grants them ample time to commute through the expressway of your plumbing. Sentinel Below-Ground Protection offers a smart, safe, and effective solution to this unexpected entry point.

Eco-Friendly and Humane: What Sets Sentinel Apart?

The Sentinel System’s eco-friendly and humane design lies in its non-toxic approach. It doesn’t introduce harmful substances into the environment, ensuring the safety of your surroundings. The system’s efficiency minimizes the need for continuous application of toxic chemicals, contributing to a sustainable rodent control solution.

Instantaneous and Humane Rodent Extermination

How does Sentinel differ from traditional traps? It doesn’t just trap; it exterminates rodents humanely and instantly. As a non-toxic system, it uses a CO2 cartridge to activate a piston that eliminates rodents with compressed air. The rats are then naturally removed from the site via wildlife and water flow. The result? No poisons and traps–quick extermination using the most humane method available–and no messy, saddening cleanups for you!


Get Pest Free with A1 Exterminators’ Sentinel System

Ready to embrace the green revolution in rodent control? A1 Exterminators’ Sentinel System is your answer! Learn more here or call 800-525-4825 to get a free quote.


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