How To Get Rid Of The Eastern Gray Squirrel In Your Walls | Bug Tip Tuesday

If you hear squirrels in your walls, this is particularly annoying and also quite disconcerting. You may always wonder when the squirrels are going to try to gnaw their way into your bedroom or the extent of the damage they may be doing. They need to be removed from your walls, pronto! This will not be an easy task by any means. In fact, depending on how resourceful you are in animal trapping, this may not be the job for you but for the seasoned professional. Someone familiar with sheet rock may be able to devise a plan to get the squirrels out of the wall, while someone lacking in home repair skills may need assistance. If you do want to get the squirrels out from the space between the walls yourself, you may have to cut a hole into your wall after you find the exact area where the squirrel is residing. Cut a square hole into the sheet rock but have a trap placed against the opening before you remove the square you cut. This has to be done carefully so the squirrel won’t be able to escape between trap and wall into the house. Once the squirrel is in the trap, take it far away and let it go. Then repair your wall.

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