General Operating Procedures

for Commercial Pest Control Services

Pre-Notification. Our office staff will contact you with regular scheduled service dates.

Emergency Services. Emergency services are available within twenty-four hours response time.

Reporting Procedures. Our service technicians will maintain a pest control log. This will be a continuous journal of pest activity and conditions. We will report areas serviced and communicate our needs to you.

Pest Control Technicians. Our pest control technicians are licensed and certified in all the New England States in which we operate.

Trouble Shooting. Our Operations Department has a staff of expert supervisors that will work with you maintain a pest-free environment within your facility.

Insurance. Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

Pesticides, Materials and Equipment. All materials used shall conform within federal, state and local guidelines and will be applied with most up-to-date methods of technology.

Labels and MSDS Sheets. Labels and MSDS Sheets will be provided for all materials utilized upon request.

Should you encounter any pest problems, just give us a call and we will retreat any problem areas without additional charge.