You Will Be Surprised What Termites Can Do

Termite-ad A1 ExterminatorsThe sun is finally out and you want to get outside every minute you can.  While you’re trying to get outside, Termites are trying to do everything they can to get into your house.  Termites want sneak their way into your home to get to the walls and floors.
Termites have a big appetite for cellulose found in wood.  They will eat 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Termites can cause serious and costly damage and compromise the structural stability of your home. Homeowners should have their houses expected annually.
In the early spring, swarmer termites may start to appear.  They are winged termites looking for a place to set up a new colony. Some people mistake these swarmer termites for flying ants.  It’s important not to mistake these two pests, as the termites can quickly create an infestation and cause structural damage to your home.
It is estimated that termites cause at least $5 billion in property losses each year in the United States alone.  Having termite damage can significantly reduce the property value of your home.
Termite season usually begins in early March and lasts through June. Here are a few tips to try to prevent a termite infestation.

  • Inspect the perimeter of a home for rotting wood, mud tubes or a visible termite presence. Pay particular attention to doors and windowsills.
  • Avoid water near a home’s foundation by diverting water away with downspouts and gutters.
  • Never bury wood scraps in the yard. If you just built your home, remove any remaining grade stakes or tree stumps on your property.
  • Maintain a one-inch space between soil and wood sections of a building.
  • Keep mulch at least 15 inches from your homes foundation.
  • Do not stack firewood or lumber near home, and inspect it carefully before bringing indoors.

If you suspect you have an infestation, contact Exterminators at 800-525-4825 to come and inspect your property.

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