Why are bees attracted to people?

First, most bees aren’t going to hunt you down and attack you. They are just as afraid of you as you are of them. They want to stay out of your way. However, they are attracted to sweet scents, and if you have on perfume or cologne, they may see you as their next meal. Our scents are confusing to the bee because they are looking for pollen to eat. So if you have on a sweet-smelling fragrance, then they may think that the scent is coming from a flower. Another thing that attracts bees is sugary drinks. If you’re sitting out on your porch with a glass of lemonade, then they can smell the sugary sweet goodness in that glass. Again, they are not coming toward you but rather towards your drink. Also, if you should have a can of soda sitting outside uncovered, make sure you check it before you take a sip. Bees love to go inside cans to drink the sweet nectar too.

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