What are the health risks associated with a mouse infestation?

Mice are carriers of bacteria, diseases, parasites, and viruses. If your house has become infested by mice, the mice are leaving patches of their urine behind them, perhaps on a coffee mug in a kitchen cupboard or on a wooden cutting board on the counter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, human beings can contract Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) from breathing in dust that has been polluted with house mouse droppings or urine.  LCM is a viral infection with symptoms that mimic the symptoms of many other illnesses:  fever, lack of appetite, headaches, and nausea.  If left untreated, LCM can cause neurological disease – which means it will affect your brain.  About 5% of mice carry this disease. While not a high number, are you willing to take that risk?

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