Wasps Emerge in Spring

You’ve seen one or two wasps. Before you freak out and gear up to go destroy the nest, make sure the problem is serious. They may be passing through, or their nest may be too far to bother you on a regular basis. Make sure by checking on the signs that you have a wasp infestation!
Season: From late Spring into mid Summer is when the queen wasps emerge from hibernation. This is when they begin nesting for the season, then that means this is the time there are chances you may have a wasp problem.
Buzzing: Wasps make a loud buzzing noise like bees do, only the wasp is a little louder. If you hear the buzzing and see some wasps nearby it could mean the nest is close by. If you hear buzzing and do not see any wasps it probably means there are a lot of wasps nearby.
Dead Insects: If you notice that there are a lot of dead insects on your property or near it, this could be an indicator that the wasps are near and are hunting in the area. Wasps eat dead insects.
Sweets: Wasps eat more than just dead insects, they eat sweet foods. If you leave your garbage bins open this will attract wasps, if you see them often surrounding your garbage area that could mean they are close enough to be able to visit every day. Make sure to close your bins!
If you have seen or heard all of these signs then check for the nest, carefully, don’t try to be too brave and put yourself at risk, wasps will attack. Just take a peek at a few of the common places wasps build their nests, this includes, under the roof of you home, in fallen trees, in a shaded wood. They like shady and protected areas for their nest, they may not be clear and out in the open.
Never try to remove a nest on your own, not on public property, someone else’s property or even your own. Always call an exterminator, A1 Exterminators is always available for consultation to see if you have a wasps nest and to remove it if you do. If you found the nest on a neighbors property inform them so they can get it removed, and if it was on public property inform the city.

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